Red in Dream

Everything about seeing red in a dream heightens your senses. There is an increased amount of danger, energy, activity, and passion levels all around you. Being able to control these senses and you will succeed in secure great fortunes and wealth. Neglect them, and you will fail miserably.

Also your sexual urges are at its highest point. Express them with your significant other or spouse to complete the red dream cycle.

Valentine’s Day in Dreams

Cupid’s arrows of love and romance are in the air during the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Dreaming of Valentine’s Day suggests that the fire needed to ignite flames of passion between lovers has been found. You may be attracted or infatuated with someone around you. Sending out love notes, valentines, and gifts, you want to make your feelings known with your actions. To dream of yourself receiving a valentine, it symbolizes that fondness and affection from someone is engulfing you.

Venus in Dreams

Seeing the planet Venus in your dreams, epitomizes your wish and love for beauty, fertility and passion. This planet is one of the brightest objects in the sky so dreaming about Venus may mean that you will be illuminated and enlightened on situations that you have not been fully aware of. Venus in your dreams may also represent that you are a cheerful and optimistic person. Opposed to Mars, Venus represents unity, artistic ambition, and harmony in love.