Love in Dreams

Dreaming of love means you are in a mutual relationship with a partner who gives back in terms of intimacy and emotional support. There may be times of tumultuous arguments between the two parties, but you always find a way to work things out and maintain a peaceful balance.

The love in your dreams is the person who you will cherish through the test of time. Spend your days creating many fun loving memories

Infidelity in Dreams

Dreaming of infidelity means you have issues with trust. Regardless of how often your significant other reassures you of their faithfulness through actions, you still tend to remain unconvinced whenever they are not physically next to you.

Infidelity stems from the human nature of wanting to try new things with other people which can be viewed as cheating on a spouse or a partner.

Alone in Dreams

Dreaming of being alone means you fear the lack of companionship and someone to talk with. This is perfectly normal because humans are social animals that live to gain the approval of others, but most important of all is accepting who you are. Make the necessary changes towards bettering yourself, and you will once again attract strangers to become friends.

Aim to make your funeral standing room only.