Deserts in Dreams

Dreaming of wandering through a barren desert indicates scarcity of food and great loss of life or property. It can symbolize unconsciousness or a sense of separation. It can also be the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Sometimes it can be a place where you communicate with nature and feel a sense of nature. If you are living near a desert already, it represents positive vibrations and a profound feeling.

Forest in Dreams

Dreaming of a forest represents your character growth and the many lessons you have learned along the way. Each tree has a story, and new trees are planted every day. There is a growth opportunity in your life through the renewal of each day.

Continue to meet people, and expand your horizon as the forest will soon be full of life.

Asia in Dreams

Dreaming of Asia means you are planning an exotic trip to the far east. You are an adventurous type who is constantly venturing outside familiar territory. From these experiences, you become more worldly as compared to your peers who have not had the same opportunities to travel as much as you.

In addition, you will also be fulfilling a desire to learn a second language that is native to Asia.