Onyx in Dreams

Seeing different stones in your dreams may represent qualities or emotions felt by you in your waking life. Onyx is a stone of self control and courage. Dreaming about an onyx represents firmness and persistence to your ideals. You have tendency to remain true to your beliefs and with great zeal and aptitude, you will overcome obstacles that hinder you from succeeding.

White Flag in Dreams

Flags can have various meanings depending on the person asked and can represent many different things in general. According to some, they can be symbols of unity, pride, nationalism, etc. However, a white flag has a distinctive connotation of surrendering and giving up. Too see a white flag in your dream is indicative that you feel hope is fading away and the only option you have with a certain relationship or situation is to give up. You may be uncertain and pessimistic about what you are up against and the sacrifices you need to make in order to prevail. At the same time, you feel unable to make the right decisions and confused about which path to take. To make things easier, you simply just want to give up to avoid the fuss, headache, and potential heartache.

The best solution to your situation is to carefully analyze things before deciding to give up. Although some things may be hard and tough in the beginning, may be what lies ahead in the future is worth everything you risked.

Pillow in Dreams

A pillow can be a significant marker of weariness. The burdens of the everyday life can be a heavy load to bear on your shoulders. A pillow has always been a sign of rest, of sleep and relaxation. At night, one lays their head down upon the pillow to rest from the day’s activities. As a result, the dreaming of a pillow can show a notion of weariness in a person due to a dragging and tugging lifestyle that looks to have no end. The pillow is the end of the day, where one can lay down and rest to forget everything that they long for to end. Thus, you should take it easy on your life and try to get some rest.

Seeing a pillow in your dream can also be interpreted as you being in a comfortable and relaxed state. A pillow is something that is personal so it can be symbolic of security and comfort. It can also be viewed as a sign of laziness.