Age in Dreams

Dreaming of age represents your fear of growing older where your muscles are less toned, and energy levels are lower. However, what you give up in superficial beauty, you gain in experience and emotional wealth.

Age in a dream can also mean your career is not going anywhere and you fear being stuck for whatever number of years you have committed to the company.

Jupiter in Dreams

Dreaming about the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, signifies power as it was named after the Roman god (the equivalent of the Greek god, Zeus). Jupiter is said to symbolize bountifulness, success and achievement. In Greek mythology, Zeus was often associated with power and pleasure. Seeing Jupiter in dreams may indicate these qualities are at hand or wish to be obtained.

Earth in Dreams

Dreaming of earth means you are heavily attached the ideals of saving and preserving nature from the byproducts of the human race. You value the earth as the giver of life, and will do all you can to leave it as you found it for future generations to enjoy.

Earth also acts as a foundation for many of your business ventures. It keeps you grounded with solid fundamentals that have proven to be successful.