Car Out of Control in Dreams

Dreaming of a car out of control means your life is heading in the wrong direction. While you go through life with normal everyday and work routines, there’s no clear path to what you want to achieve. The longer your days go by, your goals will be replaced with everyday monotony.

One way to take back control is to stop the car. This means to take a break or vacation to reevaluate what you must do to make sense of everything.

The New Year in Dreams

The New Year is a holiday bringing about changes and a new beginning. It celebrates the end of one year and the progression of time into a new year. Dreaming of the New Year is symbolic of letting go of the past and moving forward with time. The most important thing to do before celebrating the New Year is to resolve all old matters before moving ahead. Otherwise, even though a whole new year is about to come, you may still feel some repressed tension and unhappiness.

Seeing yourself celebrating the New Year in you dream is indicative of hope, modifications, and enlightenment. You are making progress and want to continue to do so with each passing year.

Party in Dreams

To dream of a party in your dreams may suggests your eagerness and enthusiasm with a upcoming event or venue. From a stressful week whether it be work or school you are looking forward to the event because you want socialize and share some of the stories and experiences with others. Alternatively, having a dream of a party indicates you are overly prudent and need to go out more.