Killer in Dreams

When you see a killer in your dreams, it is an indication of your own anxieties in the waking life. Are you mishandling work related tasks that you feel threatened about if it was exposed? There are certain things you would rather have remain hidden.

The fear of being exposed or revealed creates the killer character in your dreams. The way you handle this dream is to thoroughly go through all the things that trouble you in real life, and come up with a solution for each.

Accountant in Dreams

To envision of becoming a accountant in your dreams indicate your admiration and fascination with numbers or having a clear cut systems of order and stability. In an economy of financial crisis you crave for financial order and do not mind the repetitiveness of the work. You admire logic over impulse actions.

The accountant will take care of your taxes where you pay the government to help provide the overall well being of law and order for its citizens.