Doves in Dream

Dreaming about doves represent religious connotations connected to the holy spirit and Christianity. Whatever is going right or wrong with your life; your cry for help are being answered by many prayers as seen in the doves appearing in your dreams. These white doves will bring a positive blessing and harmony to you. You will not have to face obstacles alone.

Also, doves represent mating and marriage. If you have found the perfect person, the dove dream is your first step to thinking about marriage, then soon to be followed by kids.

Caged Bird in Dreams

Dreaming about a caged bird in your dreams may suggest you are in a state of confinement and unhappiness. At the same time, you feel like you have no escape from a current dilemma you are in. Thus, the bird in the cage symbolizes you. This may result if you feel your choices are taken away and everything you do is limited to certain actions and circumstances. You desire to reclaim your freedom so at this point, you should take a step back and realize what is confining you, and take small measures slowly to fix your problems.