Distant sound in Dreams

Hearing Distant sounds in dreams represents loneliness in your life, stubbornness, and uncertainty. You hear distant sounds because that’s a reflection of your relationship with others. They are trying to reach out to you and give you their voice, but there is a barrier between you and that person and they feel distant towards you. You are unwilling to listen to others and your dreams are trying to communicate to you what you refuse to hear. Also you are unsure about your current state and your mind is whispering you advice in your dreams and you hear them in this context. Listen to those sounds as they may guide you to a better sounding life.

Chen Shui Bian in Dream

Dreaming of Chen Shui Bian means you have been an ardent supporter of the former president of Taiwan. You have seen him through all his successes and recent troubling times. As he is in solitary confinement, you pray for his safe return and getting back to normal life.

It is in your own nature that you do not want to see any harm come about to your benefactors.

Onyx in Dreams

Seeing different stones in your dreams may represent qualities or emotions felt by you in your waking life. Onyx is a stone of self control and courage. Dreaming about an onyx represents firmness and persistence to your ideals. You have tendency to remain true to your beliefs and with great zeal and aptitude, you will overcome obstacles that hinder you from succeeding.