Teddy Bear in Dreams

As children, we often enjoyed having a teddy bear near us, for it provides companionship and hours of fun. The teddy bear dream means a longing for simple childhood times without the worry of work and adult responsibilities. It is also a yearning for cherished memories of smiles and giggles unless you had a bad childhood.

Kissing in Dream

Kissing in a dream is something natural that everyone growing up experiences. The act is a desire to feel love and wanted; at the same time a starting point to connect with someone physically. First base is the gateway to every position.

The individuals, you like and desire most, will appear in your dreams wanting to kiss you or openly accepting kisses from you. Every kiss is a renewal of youthful energy and sexual desires.

Seeing a significant other kiss another person in your dream indicates you have doubts in the relationship, or sensing their infidelity, or a rationalization behind your own cheating.

Home in Dreams

A person’s home is usually the place where they feel most at ease and most accepted. There is no need to hide or pretend to be a certain way. Envisioning your home in your dreams indicates that you feel comfortable in your inner sanctuary. The security and privacy provided by your home makes it an ideal place to turn to when you feel like the world is on your shoulders. Dreaming about your home shows a profound attachment to the comfort and warmth provided by this shelter.