Losing Keys in Dreams

Keys are important objects in one’s life, for they have the ability to unlock things and divulge treasures hidden away from us. In dreams, keys may be representative of your self-identity or soul. Thus, to see yourself losing keys in a dream, it suggests that you feel like you are losing a part of yourself. What once used to be unique and individualize you from others is now lost. You fear that you are losing your current status and position in the world.

This may also be symbolic of you losing the shield that sheltered you from others since the keys to unlock this barrier are no longer in your possession. As a result, you feel vulnerable and are scared that people will take advantage of you. Losing keys in your dream may rival your feelings of losing connection with loved ones and your social network is slowly dimming down.

Racing a Car in Dream

Racing a car in your dream symbolizes the mood that you’re currently in or want to be in. When you race a car, there is a strong surge of adrenaline, and maybe your life at the moment is yearning for that boost of adrenaline and a little bit of excitement. Racing a car can also be seen as dangerous, exotic, and out of the ordinary which is what your mind creates for you in a safe and controlled environment.

Bobcat in Dreams

Dreaming of a bobcat means you are not attentive enough at work nor your relationships. This has caused a detrimental aftereffect that creates stress in your waking hours. Plan on spending more time double checking your assignments before submitting them to clients. Also make an effort to maintain close relations by calling them to hangout and catch up.