Baby Clothes in Dreams

Dreaming of baby clothes mean you see yourself repeating all your old habits where you have not matured to meet the demands of your new relationships and business opportunities. Realizing this, you must change for the better by out growing the baby clothes, and expanding to a whole new wardrobe to match where you are heading.

Pluto in Dreams

In mythology, the Roman god, Pluto is the counterpart of the Greek god, Hades who is often seen as the embodiment of destruction, chaos, and death. He was often undermined by his brothers for his ruling of the underworld. Thus, to dream about the planet Pluto, means that there may be hidden potential beneath your exterior or transformation is about to take place. It may also indicate your fear and anxiety for an event that is about take place.

Walrus in Dreams

When you dream of a walrus, you are content with being top dog and dominating over situations and relationships. There will be people close to you that hate you for the hoarding of power and position. However, you will continue to put them in their place with your overwhelming strength and power that comes with your fortuitous wealth.

In relationships, you prefer to date anyone you please and not held to the same standards of seeing only one person at a time.