Grass Mud Horse in Dreams

Dreaming of grass mud horses represent a desire to break free from the cages of censorship and allowing you to spread your wings to reach intellectual freedom. Be the fun loving and nimble creature that you can be in your native home Ma Le Desert.

In the grass mud horses dream, you will defeat river crabs to protect your grassland. Financial wealth and individual success will be gained in your waking life.

Jungle in Dreams

Dreaming of a jungle is the manifestation of being lost in nature. A jungle is the sign of nature, as it is the supreme greenery and lush forest of all natural things. Thus, to see yourself in a jungle is perhaps the envisioning of being lost in nature, not knowing the path out of a gigantic area of greenery and life. It is nature at it’s prime.

Deep within a jungle lies many unpredictable things which are full of complexity and danger lurking around. Seeing a forest in your dreams may insinuate that you are at a lost, not knowing where to go with havoc hindering you from making progress. When applying this to your wake self, this could mean that an aura of negativity is keeping you from finding the light to get out of the jungle.