Unprepared for Exam in Dreams

Dreaming of being unprepared for an exam means you are stressing out about the obstacles that lay ahead of your life. It could be a work project that you have been procrastinating on that brings back the bad memories of your last minute studying for exams. In order to minimize the dreaded fear is to keep starting on the same project until you finish, don’t think about finishing every thing in one big swoop otherwise you will continue the vicious cycle of procrastination.

Paris in Dreams

Dreaming of Paris means a romantic vacation to explore famous landscapes amongst French speaking citizens. You want to taste the different foods that Paris has to offer, along with the delicious wines on a warm afternoon. Paris is the perfect getaway city for couples who are looking to reignite their love for each other.

Home Warranty in Dreams

Dreaming of a getting a home warranty signifies how much you value your home property and have been thinking about protecting its appliances from breakdown with maintenance coverage. The sooner you act on selecting a home protection plan, the less worries you will have in your dreams because it can become expensive when major home system components break without a home warranty plan.