Someone Else Being Kidnapped in Dreams

Dreaming that someone else is being kidnapped represents your fear for another person’s safety. Since they are taken away, you have no way to validate their safety. Therefore, seeing another being kidnapped is the sign of your care and fear for them. This stems from not being able to have them next to you and to be able to ensure their safety.

Alternatively, this dream hints at the possibility of you stifling certain aspects of another person. You refuse to let the other person show their true colors and are holding them back from being who they are.

Arguing in Dreams

When you are arguing in a dream, it is the brain prepping you for verbal confrontation. The person you are yelling at represents all the negative aura in your waking hours and you need to get rid it by telling him or her to quit bothering you.

Arguing also provides a release point for pent up emotions and energies. The more you exert your vocals and logic reasoning to win an argument, the more you will feel in your element whatever the challenge.

Caterpillar in Dreams

When you are stuck in certain stages of your life, you will often dream of caterpillars. You spend your time wondering why you are still at the middle of the road towards a certain goal, when you want to burst out like a butterfly and show your true form. In a business deal, a caterpillar dream indicates that something is holding the finalization of the deal back. The best thing to do is to give it time for events to unfold and the goals to realize itself.