Sea Shells in Dreams

Seeing sea shells in your dream is equivalent to wearing a mask. You tend to hide behind a facade that obscures you true emotions due to your need to protect yourself from potential harm. Sea shells were once the abode and protecting layer to some marine animals. After being discarded, they wash up on the shore, no longer of use to them. Thus, to dream about sea shells may be an indicator that you will find a great treasure amongst the discarded rubble in life.

Anklet in Dreams

Dreaming of an anklet means getting weigh down by materialistic desires. Your goals are never for the common good, nor benefits the community. This short sighted outlook of life has limited your options in achieving superstar status where promotions are often overlooked when upper management realize all you care about is material wealth.

Backflips in Dream

Dreaming of backflips indicate that you are willing to bend over backwards to make another person happy. This is the same as putting someone on a pedestal, constantly worshiping them, and doing everything you can to get on their good side. Stop this minute, and re-examine your values because if your life is defined by someone else, then you are just building towards long term unhappiness.

After seeing backflips in your dream, start to work on your inner self values. Do the things you love, and not the things that other people say you should to do.