Parks and Carnivals in Dreams

Dreaming of parks and carnivals mean you are recalling extreme emotions of happiness and frustrations. You may have spent an awesome memorable day at the park with a significant other and continue to cherish the moments.

At the carnival, you may have waited hours in line for a 2 minute ride. That’s the frustration you remember, in addition to the thrill you had on the ride.

These extremes help to make life feel real; and you want to experience them again and again.

Violence in Dreams

Dreaming of violence where people around you are getting hurt indicates that you feel threatened in the waking hours. If you manage to go unharmed while others are harmed, then you are responsible for the actions against them when the attack was originally aimed towards you.

Sometime a big challenge at work or in a relationship can take the form of violence in your dreams.

Losing A Favorite Object in Dreams

At every stage of our lives, we come upon objects that have sentimental value. When we dream about losing these favorite objects such as jewelry from a love one, medals from heroic acts, or gifts from memorable trips, we are simply longing to relive those memories again.

These are objects that we cherish, and dreaming about losing them only makes us want to protect them at all cost.