Darkroom in Dreams

Dreaming of a darkroom is the sign of growth gone undetected. A darkroom is where pictures from older cameras are developed. Thus, as the name implies, it is a very dimly lit room, having little light in it as to let the film develop correctly. Dreaming of the dark room has the same meaning; there is potential growth and development that unfortunately are kept in the dark. They are hard to notice as it happens, but the end result is superb.

Androgynous in Dreams

Dreaming of an androgynous person mean your thoughts are full of confusion and you are hesitant at making firm decisions. Speak with an experienced mentor who can guide you in redefining your role, and how you can make further adjustments to advance your career.

Once you have these foundations in place, you can focus on developing leadership skills without ever wavering.

School in Dreams

Dreaming about school represents the lessons we have not learned yet. Every time when you overcome a certain work or relationship challenge, and you dream about school means your unconscious is trying to help reinforce the learned lessons into your thinking. You may have missed something on the way, and the dreams will show them to you.