Abandoning Someone in Dreams

Abandonment is not considered a good intention in most perspectives. Thus, to dream of yourself abandoning another person suggests that you are too submerged by stress and pressure and wish to shun away your obligations. You desire to escape reality and be free from your responsibilities. Just for these reasons alone, abandoning another person just for your own selfish reasons is not justifiable. Dreaming of abandoning someone may propose that the person has caused a great amount of pain and hurt. You feel it is the best to leave and not associate yourself with that person in order to save yourself.

By abandoning another person, you are instilling a feeling of betrayal and profound pain in them. You should really consider whether that is the best option for you and that person. Hastily making a decision without considering whether the benefits outweigh the negative of your relationship with the other person, will not be a wise decision. In the latter case where the person has deeply hurt you, the decision is totally up to you.

Leaving someone does not always have to be taken under a negative light. Dreaming of yourself abandoning someone may your desire to obtain your freedom again because the burdens that comes with being with that person is just too much. Also, leaving may be the best option for that person. Whatever is the case, think things through.

Tiger in Dreams

Tigers are powerful and amazing predators. Dreaming of tigers are often associated with power and sexual prowess. Like a tiger, you overcome your difficulties with strength and power. In private, you will continue to provide pleasure to your significant other and experience strong levels of intimacy.

Individuals who experience dreams of tigers will meet life head on with full confidence and without fear.